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Luna Spa Retreat

Costa Rica Spa Retreat

A Holistic Balance professional will pamper you as you journey into a harmonious state of well-being.

The Luna Spa is the perfect place to journey into your own body, mind, and spirit. It will help you inhale a little deeper and exhale your worries away as you draw on the primal energies of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Our Holistic Balance instructors can guide you on this journey by offering you total body balancing experiences such as mud wraps, massage therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, or watsu.

* Services may vary depending on availability


A blend of Chinese Reflexology, Tibetan massage and deep muscle stimulation over all your body plus a relaxing lymphatic face massage. This is followed by reiki, pressure points, acupressure, assisted stretch and aromatherapy with natural oil and organic flower essences for your complete relaxation and enjoyment.

60 minute session: $100
90 minute session: $145


Hot stone massage therapy dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Chinese, and Native Americans and is used to balance the body’s energy. Warm, round stones are placed along specific energy centers to relax inflamed, sore muscles and allow the massage therapist to work deeper into the muscles, providing a soothing, nurturing massage.

60 minute session: $100
90 minute session: $145


This form of massage is designed to restore the power balance, to align the chakras, to heal the emotional facility. This allows the body, heart, psyche, and spirit to move towards alignment, and induce deep relaxation of the body.

60 minute session: $100
90 minute session: $145


Thai massage is based on Indian physical therapy practices. Pressure and stroking motions move blood, aiding normal circulation and realigns knotted muscles for improved movement. Thai massage focuses on pressure and only requires the patient to wear loose-fitting clothes for proper treatment.

90 minute session: $155


A rhythmical pressure release on the acupressure meridians; stimulating and strengthening the immune system, as well as detoxifying and relaxing your body as a whole. Oil free sessions, with organic flower essences aromatherapy.

60 minute session: $120


An ancient hands-on technique derived from the ‘Essenes’; it involves powerful energy channeling to activate and accelerate your natural healing process and uses healing sound vibrations. Oil free sessions, with organic flower essences aromatherapy.

60 minute session: $100


This Therapy consists of three stages; exfoliation, body wrap and an oil massage a coconut wrap is applied to the entire body and after a hot shower, to complete the therapy; the body is treated to a relaxing Deep Tissue oil massage.

2 hour session: $155


This Therapy consists of three stages; exfoliation, body wrap and an oil massage. First a soft exfoliation hydrates and cleanses the skin. A delicious chocolate wrap is then applied to the entire body and covered in a plastic wrap for a warming effect. After a hot shower, to complete the therapy, the body is treated to relaxing massage with chocolate scented oil. The aroma of chocolate induces the production of beta endorphins which relax and rejuvenate the skin, giving the sensation of extreme pleasure.

2 hour session: $175


This massage concentrates on the head and includes a delicate natural shampoo by of three stages; exfoliation organic coffee or coconut, clay and mud mask then a relaxing Shiatsu Facial massage followed by aromatherapy.

60 minute session: $100


Enjoy an antic foot and hands massage session with emphasis on the energy (Chi) meridians that end on your toes and fingers.

60 minute session: $100
90 minute session: $145


Harmonize your body and mind with a gem therapy session. The use of therapeutic gemstones has its roots in such diverse cultures and systems as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Native American shamanism, and is reflected in the more recent practices of crystal healing. Align and balance the body’s seven chakras as gemstones concentrate light-filled powers and color vibrations into the body’s chakras. Gemstone vibrations affect your aura, helping your body to achieve not only balance and awareness but also improve your emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

45 minute session: $70


A combination of a Deep Tissue Oil/Cream Massage with a Thai Massage and ultimately concluding with a Luna Facial and Hair Massage.

1 hour 45 minute session: $155


With our yoga sessions your body unifies with your soul and you will be able to unwind through asana (pose) and pranayama (breathing) exercises. The instructor guides you through the session, gently improving your flexibility and promoting a sense of peace and well-being. Suitable for people of all levels. For those with no prior experience, our sessions provide a good introduction to yoga.

“Yoga” 60 minute session: $15 (group) / $35 (private)
“Tai Chi Chuan” 60 minute session: $15 (group) / $35 (private)

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The Osa Peninsula experience can be very moving. As our paths are individual, please feel free to ask questions about any of our wellness activities with our Holistic Balance Instructor.