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Oraroot Yoga Retreat: Begin Again

January 6 – 12, 2019

Begin the New Year anew by bathing your Being in the lush and transformative rainforest in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world spilling over with life in the Osa Peninsula. Begin the year rejuvenated, inspired and with a spacious and awakened heart. Come fill your cup with vibrant energy and life!

Join Orameh for this 6 night 7 day yoga retreat by beginning the day with 2 -1/2 hour yoga workshops which integrate asana/ meditation and more along with evening reflective and restorative practices. You will have plenty of time to soak in the magical land and listen deeply to your spirit.  

Take this time to explore, unplug and immerse the Being in the natural biorhythms of life to reconnect and grow in a rich and supportive environment. 

Practices will be intended to clear the slate and celebrate the Beauty of the life force and our True Nature. The asana practice is suitable for all levels and the practices will invite people to be curious about exploring the richness of the Being and the world we are interconnected with. 

All packages are all inclusive and include a choice of two add on packages to double your pleasure which include sunset walks, guided hikes in Corcovado National park and/or massage treatment at Luna Lodge. 

Orameh is an yoga teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who currently teaches and lives in Los Angeles and has traveled to Pakistan and Thailand to teach workshops and retreats over the years. You can learn more about her and the retreat details by visiting


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Yo! Venture

January 12 – 19, 2019

Standing in my captivating yoga platform in the sky, I am enveloped by fascinating sights, extraordinary sounds, and the palpable energy of exotic wildlife, jagged mountains, endless ocean and a 1,000 shades of green.  The Prana so thick, so full, so rich that it fills every cell of my being.

I inhale… as I seek meaning, seek purpose, seek to understand.  I feel my breath deeply in places that have been hiding for as long as I can remember.  Something awe -inspiring enters my soul.  It is unfamiliar.  It is truth.  I welcome it with arms wide open.

I exhale… as I seek to explain the unexplainable.

Join us for a magical adventure in the captivating Osa Pennisula located in the jaw-dropping country of Costa Rica.  Our secluded eco-lodge, situated on 60 acres of pristine rain forest is the most biologically diverse place on the planet.  Our closest neighbor, Corcovado National Park, is voted the #1 park in the world.   It is here, in the intensity of this unexplainable energy, that we explore our spirit, our strength, and our power.   Together we will uncover and discover, who… we really are.

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Find Your Balance in Costa Rica!

January 27 – February 1, 2019

Join us for the trip of a Lifetime! Black sandy beaches, Jungles filled with Howler Monkeys and Scarlet McCaws. Time to hike or ride horses or kayak at dawn in the cove. 

Sleep in your own private Bungalow and listen to the rain patter overhead or stay in a Luxury tent with a view of the ocean!

Opportunities abound to explore yoga on a platform overlooking the jungle, swim in the pool after lunch or maybe just take a nap!

Costa Rica is a magical place and it’s calling for you

Dawn is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Professional. She has spent the last five years traveling and teaching yoga all over the globe. She is an adventure seeker who loves to teach yoga in the studio, on the top of a mountain, on a beach, in the jungle or on a stand up paddle (SUP) board. As a Personal Trainer, Dawn also leads fitness classes that serve as a complement to yoga.

Dawn also recently completed school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her style is one that will promote relaxation and well being in the whole body. Her specialties are Headache Therapy and Ayurvedic Aromatherapy.

As a motivational speaker, Dawn combines her education in Human Services & Chemical Dependency with her life experience to form the foundation for her personal style of teaching, empowerment and transformation. Dawn also offers a Yoga For Recovery for people dealing with all types of addiction issues.

Dawn Jex Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT)

Yoga Alliance Certified Education Professional (YACEP)

ATA Human Services & Chemical Dependency


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Experiencing Peace Within

A retreat for your body, mind, and soul with nature as your partner

February 21 – 26, 2019

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?  Do you feel overwhelmed and empty? Do you feel tired and find it hard to get through most days?  Do you feel disconnected from your life? 

Satisfy your longing for connection as you take daily Forest Bathing/Shinrin-Yoku walks in the rainforest. Tap into nature’s profound ability to inspire us and help us gain clarity in our lives, as you 

  • Practice forest bathing to experience the rejuvenating and restorative benefits it provides 
  • Learn and practice the power of sound vibrations 
  • Explore the joys of creating and/or jump-start your creative process  
  • Learn and practice mindful outdoor meditations 
  • Relax and broaden your experience with nature and deepen your connection to your authentic self

Participants should be comfortable walking on an uneven terrain.  

Training Includes: 

  • 1 Night Stay at Luna Inn, San Jose (2/21) 
  • Charter Plane to Luna Lodge on 2/22 AM from San Jose and return to San Jose on 2/27 AM
  • 5-Nights at the Luna Lodge
  • 3-Meals a day / Celebration dinner last evening 
  • Daily forest bathing in the spectacular rain forest along with afternoon sessions on: 
    • Creativity as a process, not a product 
    • Powerful sound vibrations
    • Body, self-awareness and grounding
    • Mindful outdoor meditations
  • Strategies to take what you learned and practice them at home
  • Your choice of either a private transformational coaching session or *Reiki.

*Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that is deeply meditative and healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  You receive Reiki fully clothed as the therapist uses a series of gentle hand placements. Stress, pain and tension simply melt away. Reiki works by giving a concentrated life force energy to both the chakras and meridians which enhances the body’s natural power to heal.  Kathleen is a Reiki Master (Dr. Usui lineage).

Kathleen Forrest

I am a Certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guide. Prior to becoming a Guide, I worked for several decades leading change initiatives and leadership development programs for corporations, as well as coaching executives around transformational change. As a certified transformational change coach, I knew I had a lot to experience myself to be an even better coach for people. After that, I lived and practiced a meditative yoga technique in India for3 years. 

This, ultimately, led to a personal transformation, where creating became an integral part of my life, allowing me to not only become a commissioned artist, but opening me up to creating new joyful experiences as well.  Leading a mantra meditation class and facilitating Kirtan chanting were also part of this transformation of myself and my work.  I’ve since participated in 17 art shows (2 solo shows 1) The Force of Nature and 2) The Movement of Hope) and am looking forward to many more!

“In Forest Therapy we say that nature is the therapist and the guide opens the doors.  I would love to be the one that opens the door for you in the rain forests of Costa Rica in February! You might say I was BORN to do this work.”  Kathleen Forrest

Sign up today – space is limited!


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Transform Your Life – Reclaim Your Wild Feminine – Find Your Beauty In The Wild

March 22 – 30, 2019


Life is about remembering who we are and coming back home to ourselves.

Join us for this transformational retreat where the wild nature support you to re-find the magic of your own feminine strength and wisdom.

Allow yourself to be embraced by our great mother, here in the wild jungles of Corcovado. Reconnect with your body, breath and nature. Remember who you are at your core and learn to get out of your own way.  This is an opportunity to connect with your sensual, earthly nature.

Embrace what you see, hear, feel, taste and touch, —experience the present moment through your senses.  Here you have time to listen to your own feminine wisdom; to slow down and allow your feminine nature to move you.

Here, you will find that you can allow space to just BE — to relax, to journal, to pamper your beautiful soul. Where you learn to LOVE and APPRECIATE your feminine body and sensuality. Through practice, you may learn skills that you can take home with you and into your daily life in order to stay connected to heart, body, and soul, and to your truth.

May we learn to fill our own cups as we gather in sisterhood, finding the support from one another to step more into love and truth.


  • 1 Nights Stay at Luna Inn, San Jose
  • Charter Plane to Luna Lodge from San Jose and return
  • 7 Nights Stay at Luna Lodge
  • 3 Meals a day
  • 7 Days of Transformational Awakening 
  • Daily Sacred Female Yoga
  • Forest Bathing
  • Ceremonies to honor Self, Sisterhood, Nature & Spirit
  • Daily Feminine Movement & Meditation Practices
  • Post Integration call with Tamar

Tamar Gail has been working in the healing arts since 1999 and specializes in the Sacred Temple Arts. Her international business focuses on feminine embodiment, sacred sensuality, women’s sovereignty, intimacy and the ability to open up to a reality that is wild and untamed. Tamar’s background is in bodywork, shamanism, tantra, sacred sound healing, dance and breathwork. She is also a teacher of Sacred Female Yoga. Through her own powerful presence she inspires and empowers women to step into their full potential, through vibrant authenticity and the awakening to the expansiveness of the heart. Tamar believes that at this moment in time healing on a conscious level is needed in order for the world to heal, and it is the women who hold the greatest power to make this change. Seeing women come back home to themselves and their truth is for her the greatest gift and she is excited to share this with you in the wild, feminine rain forest at Luna Lodge.

Lana Wedmore is the owner of Luna Lodge and the Founder of the White Hawk Foundation on the Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica. She was raised in Ski  Country —Crested Butte, Colorado, graduated from Colorado State University and decided to travel the world. She fell in love with Costa Rica and has lived there for 37 years. She is a Conservationist, Community  leader and Healer. She truly believes that we need to heal within ourselves to be able to help others heal so that we can heal Pachamama. Therefore, It is important to unite as women to bring up the Feminine light at this time. She has been teaching yoga for the past 30 years. She is a Reiki Master and Life Health Coach. She is also a Studying Shaman and ANFT Forest Therapy Guide.

She would love to share with you, not only, the knowledge that she has gained through these various disciplines, but also, what she has learned by living in the rain forest for the past 27 years. Please join us here @ Luna Lodge where— when you go back into nature you fall in love with yourself again.

We would love to share the spirit of the Feminine rain forest here on the Luna with you!

Please come join us!

Tamar and Lana de Luna

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