The Luna Lodge Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism Program

Luna Lodge participates in the CST (Certification of Sustainable Tourism) program which has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization as a program that is gradually improving environmental and social impacts of tourism.

Mission: To operate sustainably with the natural environment and contribute to the social economic base by facilitating and operating our hotel with involvement and creating more awareness around our sustainability program with our guests.

Vision: Become an exemplary hotel that preserves and protects part of the rain forest in the Osa Peninsula and, at the same time, creates awareness about the importance of the rain forest and living sustainably.


Our sustainability program focuses in four areas:

Natural Environment: Sustainable interaction of the hotel with its natural surroundings through the implementation of programs for the environment.

Socioeconomics: Interaction of the hotel with the surrounding communities. The hotel generates benefits and growth with development by creating jobs and supporting local small businesses.  All of these measures up to a collective initiative.

Hotel Infrastructure: Internal processes for waste management, water and energy saving, use of alternative energies and the type of products that the business acquires (organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products).

Guests: Hotel programs to invite participation and/or create awareness for the guests in its sustainability program.

Luna Lodge is an active member of several associations that work for the benefit of the community in areas such as infrastructure, culture, education, health, security, sustainable tourism and environment protection. Some of the associations that Luna Lodge is a part of are The Turtle Protection Committee, The White Hawk Foundation, and The Association of Integral Development of Corcovado, in which Lana Wedmore is the President. Lana is the founder and President of the White Hawk Foundation and as well the owner of Luna Lodge.

Luna Lodge’s Sustainable Initiatives:

  • Luna Lodge protects the flora and the fauna inside and outside of its property; wild animals are not kept in captivity and they are not fed.
  • Most of the hired employees are from the surrounding communities, thus, creating employment and economic stability for the local communities.
  • Local small businesses are preferred when buying food, crafts and services such as tourism, transportation, furniture design, craft making and other hotel structures, generating economic stability for the surrounding communities.
  • Our gift shop sells products from small local businesses, crafts made of recyclable materials, crafts from native groups, crafts from entrepreneur local women, organic products, and products from associations that work to protect the environment.
  • Zero tolerance policy towards activities related to sexual trade, sexual exploitation of minors, prostitution or drug trafficking. If such activities are detected, they will be reported.
  • Water saving programs
  • Energy saving programs
  • Solid waste management programs such as recycling.
  • Worm garden for compost to produce natural fertilizer for our plants.
  • Organic garden
  • Liquid waste management program
  • Use of natural biodegradable products (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body soap, and all  the products used for hotel cleaning)
  • Pest control through biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly products
  • Salt treatment for pool water purification
  • Use of clean alternative energies: 100% of the electricity generated for all lighting and all electric outlets throughout the entire property is produced through our own hydro-power plant, which does not use any petroleum derivatives for its functioning. Luna Lodge is 100% energetically self-sufficient.
  • Other sources of alternative clean energy used at Luna Lodge are: solar energy for water heating and the pool treatment equipment.
  • We have a program of compensation for GHG (Greenhouse Gases). At Luna Lodge we strive to reduce our emissions of Greenhouse Gases as much as we can, in order to reduce the impact of our operations in the climate change. Those emissions that are not possible to reduce any further, we quantify and compensate them, through a program of Carbon Emissions Compensation, developed by FONAFIFO (National Financial Forest Fund), which can be found at: (in Spanish).
  • Environmentally friendly open structures, that allow the use of natural light
  • Creating awareness for our guests about our sustainability program
    • through the information they can find in the hotel guide in their rooms
    • a library with information about the flora and the fauna of Costa Rica
    • brochures promoting natural protected areas in Costa Rica
    • an information board (called the Green Corner)
    • tour and activities offered in which guests can interact with the surrounding natural environment and the community
    • biodegradable products in their rooms
    • water and energy saving signage
    • guest recycling
    • observation of all the sustainable practices in the installations and operations of the hotel.


The White Hawk Foundation


We have now joined together with a foundation to begin to protect the Carate River Valley. We are calling it the “White Hawk Foundation”. The goal of this project is to purchase forested lands for protection of all of the wildlife in the Carate River Valley. It will be part of a protected corridor that will span from Corcovado National Park to Luna Lodge and continue to the southern end of the peninsula. With much of this land bordering Corcovado National Park, the corridor would literally be an extension of the park where the animals can roam freely and be protected. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us to help protect this area please visit the website: Donations are tax deductible in the United States.


The President of Costa Rica Visits Luna Lodge



Luna Lodge Staff with the Costa Rican President

President Oscar Arias Sanchez with our staff

In January of 2008, we were privileged to have the Costa Rican President, Oscar Arias Sanchez, as our guest. I invited the President to stay at Luna Lodge because he had never before been to the Osa Peninsula. I wanted him to have the experience of physically being in the Osa Peninsula’s rainforest to really appreciate its value. He brought a delegation of friends and Costa Rican leaders with him including Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment, the director of the “Peace with Nature” coalition, and the president of the CR-USA foundation. Some very important conversations took place about the importance of preserving this last refuge of unspoiled wilderness and the President was able to enjoy some quality time here surrounded by the wonder of the rainforest. The President’s visit was a huge success and it is our deepest hope that it will result in a definitive action plan to maintain and protect the serenity that is our Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.