Self-Guided Activities at Luna Lodge


Encounter a great variety of plants, trees, birds, insects, mammals, and, of course, fresh pure water, as you enjoy a nature hike around the Luna Lodge property. Visit the three waterfalls, take a dip in pure water, and get to know your surroundings.

Golden Trail Loop

A short walk from the lodge, this hike introduces you to many varieties of trees such as the cow tree, monkey comb, and black crocodile. You will also find the much utilized “suita palm”, the most common palm for thatching roofs in the local area.

This loop trail goes up from a meandering creek below Luna Lodge up to the peak of a ridge overlooking the vast rainforest.  There is an incredible Lookout Point at the top of the ridge with an exquisite view.

Be on the lookout for monkeys, sloths, coatimundis, tayras, armadillos… who knows!!



With no light pollution, the night sky is amazing. Our telescope is always pointed skyward and guides or books are available to help spot specific constellations.


  • Beachcomb and surf just a few minutes away at Carate Beach
  • Take a refreshing dip in the small, secluded swimming hole fed by a waterfall
  • Relax at the poolside

Boogie Boarding

Miles and miles of untouched waves peel off every day on the Osa Peninsula. Boogie Boards are available for some fun in the sun.

Yoga Sessions

With our yoga sessions your body unifies with your soul and you will be able to unwind through asana (pose) and pranayama (breathing) exercises. The instructor guides you through the session, gently improving your flexibility and promoting a sense of peace and well-being. Suitable for people of all levels. For those with no prior experience, our sessions provide a good introduction to yoga.


  • 90 minute session: $25 (group) / $60 (private)

Guided Hiking Tours

If you don’t want to go it alone and would prefer a guided tour, no problem.  We will arrange a guide for you.


Additional Activities near Luna Lodge:

Learn to Surf – Pollo Surf School

GUARANTEED TO STAND UP & have the most fun since 1995. Learn to surf on the Osa Peninsula! The water is a wonderful 85 degrees year round. Lessons are taught at Pan Dulce Beach. The wave is a perfect right-point break for beginners. It is a forgiving wave that makes learning fun without any hazards. Whether you are 8 or 78 it’s a dream wave for your first ride. Pollo Surf School teaches to your ability level. In the first lesson you will learn to stand up and ride the wave and after that you’ll be catching your own waves and turning. Soft Top boards and a rash guard provided for each student.

Oldemar Fernandez, otherwise known as “Pollo” (pronounced poy-yo) of Pollo Surf School, grew up in the area and is known for his big wave surfing. He’s the best and most qualified instructor on the Osa Peninsula. He has been teaching surf lessons since 2001. He is a very enthusiastic instructor and he’s great with kids. If you want to see some cool surf tricks ask Oldemar to do a hand stand while riding a wave or a nose ride 360 spin. Certified in CPR and First Aide Response and a licensed guide by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism. For more information, visit Transportation, a picnic lunch and lessons included.

There are endless opportunities to explore

but you may find just sitting listening to nature or curled up on a hammock with a book.... enough


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