Coming soon new videos to show the evolution of Luna Lodge to The Osa Wellness Center. We can show you this premier Costa Rican Ecolodge, but only you can feel it. Come and taste the magic of Luna Lodge.

Rediscover Yourself

Discover the healing powers of nature and all of the enriching experiences awaiting you at Luna Lodge. The is more to Luna lodge than meets the eye…we can show you this Premier Costa Rican Ecolodge, but only you can feel it. Come experience Wellness Tourism and feel the difference.

Video by Berrand Delvaux and Cristina Mihalache.

Music Purnamadah, from Shantala (Benjy and Heather Wertheimer)

Gold Walker – Coco Island and her Secrets

Knowing some of the history that surrounds you on your visit to Luna Lodge makes your visit that much more magical. Watch this video to find out more about The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica and the stories it holds. Check out the full documentary at:

GoldWalker, the historial documentary!


Awaken Your Senses at Luna Lodge, The Osa Wellness Center.

As Wellness Tourism gains momentum in this complicated world, the idea of a healthy escape is more appealing. 

Feel the Difference!


Luna Lodge, a Premier Costa Rican Ecolodge and The Osa Wellness Center and Spa

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