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Lana Wedmore, founder, owner and operator of the Luna Lodge, came to Costa Rica more than 39 years ago. Upon visiting the Osa Peninsula, she knew she wanted to live here and have her own Eco lodge to share this magnificent area with the world.

The Luna Lodge is built so that it harmonizes with the environment, created specifically to look as if it is part of the tapestry of the forest. Each stone step is laid by loving hands, cultivating a very special place where each action has a loving respectful intention at its core.

A travel and tourism professional in the United States and Costa Rica for many years, Lana saw the importance of the Peninsula de Osa and wanted to be involved in the healing of our Great Mother Earth.

Lana has a goal to preserve, protect and educate people about this amazing diverse rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.

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A Commitment from Luna Lodge

  • Luna Lodge protects the flora and the fauna inside and outside of its property; wild animals are not kept in captivity and they are not fed.
  • Most of the hired employees are from the surrounding communities, thus, creating employment and economic stability for the local communities.
  • Local small businesses are preferred when buying food, crafts and services such as tourism, transportation, furniture design, craft making and other hotel structures, generating economic stability for the surrounding communities.
  • Zero tolerance policy towards activities related to sexual trade, sexual exploitation of minors, prostitution or drug trafficking. If such activities are detected, they will be reported.
  • Water saving programs.
  • Energy saving programs.
  • Solid waste management programs such as recycling.
  • Two organic gardens, one with sacred geometry engineering, as a farm-to-table food source.
  • Liquid waste management program.
  • Use of locally-sourced natural biodegradable products (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body soap, and all  the products used for hotel cleaning).
  • Pest control through biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.
  • Salt treatment for pool water purification.
  • Luna Lodge is 100% energetically self-sufficient.
  • Electricity for all lighting and electrical outlets throughout the entire property is produced through our own hydro-power plant and solar panel.
  • Solar water heating and solar pool treatment equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly open structures, that allow the use of natural light.
  • Creating awareness for our guests about our sustainability program.
    • a library with information about the flora and the fauna of Costa Rica.
    • brochures promoting natural protected areas in Costa Rica.
    • tour and activities offered in which guests can interact with the surrounding natural environment and the community.
    • biodegradable products in their rooms.
    • water and energy saving signage
    • guest recycling.
    • observation of all the sustainable practices in the installations and operations of the hotel.

Lana Wedmore, Owner of Luna Lodge

Initiatives and Partnerships

Luna Lodge participates in the Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST) program which has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization as a program that is gradually improving the environmental and social impacts of tourism.

Luna Lodge is an active member of The Turtle Protection Committee, The White Hawk Foundation, Caminos de Osa, ASCONA, and The Association of Integral Development of Corcovado, these associations work for the benefit of the community in areas such as infrastructure, culture, education, health, security, sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

Lana Wedmore, the owner of the Luna Lodge, is the founder and President of the White Hawk Foundation and was the president of The Association of Integral Development of Corcovado for over 10 years.

Lana has planted the seeds for another Dream…

The White Hawk Foundation

Luna Lodge has now joined together with The White Hawk Foundation to protect the Carate River Valley.

The goal of this project is to purchase forested lands for the protection of all of the wildlife and biodiversity in the Carate River Valley.

The goal is to create a protected corridor from Corcovado National Park to Luna Lodge and continue to the southern end of the peninsula. Much of this land is bordering Corcovado National Park and it is a very important biological corridor we need to protect.

Join us in protecting the rainforest and the species that inhabit it, and join us in impacting the world in a positive way.

Get involved

Visit The White Hawk Foundation website for more details. Donations are tax-deductible in Costa Rica and the United States- and deeply appreciated.

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