How to Get Here, Luna Lodge

How to Get Here, Luna Lodge

A Costa Rican Premier Ecolodge and Wellness Destination

Luna Lodge in Carate, is a sparsely populated outpost literally at the end of the road on the far western side of the Osa Peninsula next to Corcovado National Park.  The natural beauty of this area is indescribable, with verdant ridges full of monkeys and scarlet macaws cascading down to a wide black sand beach with nothing but driftwood and coconut shells for miles on end.  This is also the primary entry point to Corcovado National Park.  An incredible array of flora and fauna, sandy beaches with tall palms bursting with coconuts and almond trees, emerald-turquoise waves peeling offshore, and the comfortable haven of our lodge nestled in the endless acres of wild jungle cascading down from the hills above await you.

Getting to Luna Lodge is part of the magical journey.  Arriving by air gives you amazing views of Costa Rica from above; arriving by car or bus allows you to see the many aspects of Costa Rica from the road.

When you are making your travel arrangements, please note that Costa Rica is Central Standard Time and does not observe daylight savings time.  If traveling by air, please allow ample time in-between flights.

Costa Rica Map to Osa Peninsula
Costa Rica Osa Peninsula

Three Steps to Arrive at Luna Lodge Osa Peninsula


Arriving into San Jose International Airport (SJO)

We commend our sister hotel Luna Inn B&B for your overnight stay, which is located 10 minutes from the airport.


Getting to the Little Village of Puerto Jimenez

Domestic Airline – Sansa Airline

Rental Car



From Puerto Jimenez to Luna Lodge

Private vehicle transfer from Puerto Jimenez direct to Luna Lodge that we can help arrange.

Direct charter flight to Carate Beach from San Jose International Airport.

For anyone arriving at Carate Beach, we will send a car down to pick you up upon arrival.


Upon arrival into Puerto Jimenez, if you are driving out to Luna Lodge in a rental car, we recommend you contact us before leaving so we can advise you on the road conditions.

WhatsApp – 1 888 760-0760

Direct Costa Rican Number – 506 4070-0010

Domestic Commercial Flights

How to Get Here, Luna Lodge, Sansa

For commercial domestic travel from San Jose International Airport (SJO) we recommend flying to Puerto Jimenez via: Sansa Air

The Domestic Airport, where Sansa is located, is just outside and down the road to your left, if your back is to the International Airport. It is a 2-minute walk.

Upon arrival into Puerto Jimenez by Air:

Your prearranged private taxi to Luna Lodge will be waiting

(Private Transfers, see below).

Private Domestic Charter Flights

Guests should travel light (this is important). Soft-sided luggage is recommended, not hard-case luggage since they are easier to pack on a small plane.

It is recommended that the maximum weight for luggage per passenger is 30 pounds.

The maximum weight allowance of all passengers plus all their luggage, combined together, is 750 pounds.

The charter plane can fit a maximum of 4 passengers, depending on the weight of the passengers and luggage.

San Jose direct to Carate airstrip (near Luna Lodge)

You can book through us a private charter plane directly to the Carate airstrip, located just 10 minutes by car from Luna Lodge, from either the San Jose International Airport (SJO) or the Tobías Bolanos Domestic Airport (30 minutes by car from the international airport).  The flight from San Jose to Carate takes just under an hour.

Only small planes can land at the Carate airstrip. The private charter planes are usually Cessna 206 aircraft.  Commercial domestic flights only fly to the Puerto Jimenez Regional Airport, which is located 2 hours by car from Luna Lodge.

If you choose to book through us a private charter plane, either one-way or round-trip, from San Jose to Carate, contact us for more information:

Transfers from Puerto Jimenez to Luna Lodge

How to Get Here, Luna Lodge Taxi

Private Transfer from Puerto Jimenez: We can help you to arrange a private car at almost any time.

US$125 per trip, up to 4 passengers.  (2 hours)

Contact us for more information:

Driving from San Jose to Luna Lodge

Renting a Car

You can get information about renting a vehicle at the Luna Lodge sister hotel in San Jose here: Rent a Car San Jose

Driving Directions

The road between Puerto Jimenez and Luna Lodge is fairly rough, and minimally maintained. A 4-wheel-drive (4×4) vehicle is required.  You can only drive to Luna Lodge in a 4-wheel drive vehicle because you need to cross several rivers without a bridge and the last 2 km are pretty rough.  We highly recommend arriving at the Lodge before 5:00 pm as it can be very difficult to navigate the rough road in the dark.  Otherwise, we can help to arrange ground transportation for you.

We advise that you do not leave anything in the car unattended.

How to Get Here, Luna Lodge Road to Carate

From San Jose to Luna Lodge: About an 8 hour trip.

  • From San Jose, follow the west coast highway south past a town called Palmar Norte.
  • Look for a Gas Station at a place called Chacarita that says ‘Corcovado’.
  • Turn right and continue on the main Osa Peninsula road until you arrive in Puerto Jimenez. Please drive safely.
  • From Puerto Jimenez see the details below.

From Puerto Jimenez to Luna Lodge: About a 2 hour trip.

  • From Puerto Jimenez there is only one road to Carate – continue through downtown until you get to the only gas station in town and take a right.
  • Follow the road out of town approximately two hours until you finally pass the Carate Airstrip on the left.  The road will then turn to the right, which will follow the river up to Luna Lodge (15 minutes).

Bus from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez

A direct bus to Puerto Jimenez leaves San Jose at 8:00 am and 12:00 pm every day from San Jose and takes about 8 hours. Once you arrive in Puerto Jimenez, you can either stay the night there, or take a private taxi directly to Luna Lodge. See “Transfers from Puerto Jimenez to Luna Lodge” (above) for more information about getting to Luna Lodge from Puerto Jimenez.

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