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Introducing the new Luna Lodge Osa Lunar Experience for 2023. Here at Luna Lodge we often refer to the ‘Lunar Effect’. This effect is a correlation between specific stages of the lunar cycle and behavior and physiological changes in living beings on Earth, including humans. Next to Corcovado National Park, with no light pollution, Luna Lodge is the best place to touch the moon.

The Moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection. And ancient cultures the world over have given the full moons names based on the behavior of the plants, animals, or weather during that month. The Osa Lunar Experience at Luna Lodge takes you closer to the moon, surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest, with Corcovado National Park next door.


Osa Lunar Experience

The early Native Americans did not record time by using the months of the Julian or Gregorian calendar. Many tribes kept track of time by observing the seasons and lunar months.

Blue Moon – occasionally, two full moons occur within the same calendar month. The first full moon goes by the name normally assigned to that month, but the second full moon is commonly called a Blue Moon. Blue Moons occur about every 2½ years.

Black Moon – in contrast to the Blue Moon, Black Moon has been used to refer to a month in which there is no full moon. This can only occur in February, because the calendar month has fewer days (28 or 29 days) than the lunar month (about 29.5 days).

SuperMoon – Is when it is at the point in its orbit closest to Earth. In astronomy, the terms “perigee syzygy” or “perigee full moon” are typically used instead of “SuperMoon.”

Full moon January 6, 2023

The Wolf Moon

Wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time. It was traditionally believed that wolves howled due to hunger during winter, but we know today that wolves howl for different reasons.

Full Moon February 5, 2023

The Snow Moon

Due to the typically heavy snowfall that occurs in February. Some alternative names for February’s full moon include the Hunger Moon and Bony Moon, due to the scarcity of food; the Storm Moon, for the turbulent weather; and the Bear Moon, as bear cubs are usually born around this time.

Full moon March 7, 2023

The Worm Moon

March’s full moon goes by the name Worm Moon, which was originally thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. This invites robins and other birds to feed, a true sign of spring!

Full moon April 6, 2023

The Pink Moon

Although some wish this name had to do with the color of the moon, the reality is not quite as mystical or awe-inspiring. In truth, April’s full moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulata, commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox, which also went by the name “moss pink.”

Full moon May 5, 2023

The Flower Moon

May’s name should be no surprise as flowers spring forth across North America in abundance this month! The activities of animals marked spring’s arrival, too, which is highlighted by the Cree names Egg Laying Moon and Frog Moon, as well as the Oglala term Moon of the Shedding Ponies. All three names indicate that warmer weather is on the way!

Full moon June 3, 2023

The Strawberry Moon

June’s full moon is a SuperMoon in 2022. June’s full moon is typically the last full moon of spring or the first of summer is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon. Alternative European names for this Moon include the Honey Moon and the Mead Moon.

Full moon July 3, 2023

The Buck Moon

It’s name comes from time of year where the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by.

Full moon Aug 1, 2023

The Sturgeon Moon

The August full moon was traditionally called the Sturgeon Moon because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

Full moon Aug 30, 2023

The Blue Moon

Full moon September 29, 2023

Harvest Moon

The full moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox (September 22 or 23) always takes on the name “Harvest Moon” Unlike other full moons, this full moon rises at nearly the same time, around sunset, for several evenings in a row, giving farmers several extra evenings of moonlight and allowing them to finish their harvests before the frosts of fall arrive.

Full moon October 28, 2023

Hunter’s Moon

It is believed that this full moon came to be called the full Hunter´s Moon  because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead. . The earliest use of the term “Hunter’s Moon,” cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, is from 1710. Some sources suggest that other names for the Hunter’s Moon are the Sanguine or Blood Moon, either associated with the blood from hunting or the color of the changing autumn leaves.

Full moon November 27, 2023

Beaver Moon

This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead. During the time of the fur trade in North America, it was also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.

Full moon December 26, 2023

Cold Moon

Due to the frigid conditions this time of year, when in the Northern Hemisphere, the cold weather truly begins to grip us. This name is doubly fitting because December’s full moon shines above the horizon for a longer period of time than most full moons.

Osa Lunar Experience
Osa Lunar Experience

Join us on any given full moon in 2023 and take advantage of our 2-night or 3-night specials for the Luna Lodge Osa Lunar Experience.

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