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Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

The Experience

We know it is difficult to describe the full effect that Luna Lodge has on our guests. Many of our visitors are attracted to this Costa Rican premier ecolodge because of our proximity to Corcovado National Park. Others come for the outstanding birding or to photograph the amazing wildlife that surrounds the lodge. Yet our visitors come from all over the world for all sorts of different reasons. It is peaceful. It is alive with sights and sounds of the Osa balanced rainforest. We believe that there is more to Luna Lodge than meets the eye, that this Costa Rican Ecolodge with its Wellness Center and Spa is more than the sum of its parts.

Osa Peninsula Wellness Center
Costa Rica Rainforest Accommodation
Costa Rica Ecolodge
Costa Rican Ecolodge

The Luna Lodge Bungalows

Osa Peninsula Ecolodge
Costa Rica Ecolodge Accommodation
Costa Rica Yoga Retreats
Costa Rica Spa Yoga Lodge
Costa Rican Spa Hotel
The Osa Wellness Center
Rainforest Bungalow Accommodation
Osa Peninsula Accommodations

The Luna Lodge Glamping

Costa Rica Glamping
Costa Rica Glamping Osa Peninsula
Osa Peninsula Glamping
Osa Peninsula Glamping
Costa Rican Glamping
Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Glamping
Osa Peninsula Glamping
Osa Peninsula Glamping

The Luna Lodge Haciendas

Costa Rica Spa Hotel
Costa Rica Spa Ecolodge
Costa Rica Ecolodge
Costa Rica Yoga

The Luna Lodge Restaurant

Costa Rica Whole Foods
Osa Peninsula Yoga retreat
Osa Peninsula Yoga
Osa Peninsula Yoga Retreat

The Luna Lodge Pool

Osa Peninsula Ecolodge with Pool
Costa Rican Ecolodge with pool
Osa Peninsula Spa Lodge with pool
Costa Rican Spa hotel with pool

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